Why Score

What you get with Score Carpet Care LLC


All of our technicians are IICRC-Certified. It means that your carpets will be cleaned according to strict industry standards. In fact, Shaw Industries, the world’s largest carpeting manufacturer, is requiring consumers to hire an IICRC-certified firm in order to maintain their warranty beginning January 1, 2008.

If we are one-minute late (past the 2-hr. time window), we will take $25 off the bill.

Pre-Spray The Carpet

We pre-spray all of the open carpeted areas, whether there are visible spots or not. We also carry a wide array of spotters to treat different spots or stains. Our technicians are trained to know what spotters to use for each spot or stain. We are very successful at removing what other companies leave behind. 

All of our clients will receive a free Home Pro spotter bottle with FREE refills as long as you’re a client of ours.

Our Integrity

We are in business to build lifetime clients. And you can’t accomplish that through bait and switch tactics, not delivering what you promise and overall bad business practices. If carpeting is beyond the scope of what we can fix, we will tell you to apply your money toward replacing it. Why? Because we want you to be happy in the end. 

The Education that We Provide to Consumer

With so many different companies and cleaning methods out there, it’s confusing to know who to call. We help consumers by telling them what to look for when choosing a carpet cleaning company so they can make an educated decision for themselves. We have many resources to help consumers choose, such as our website and Free Consumer Information Line to educate consumers in what to look for in a carpet cleaning company.

Excellent Customer Service

We answer the phones live as well as answer any questions clients may have. We encourage people to ask us questions because that means they are doing their homework. We always go above and beyond for our clients, which is why over 75% of our business comes from repeat and referred clients.

No Hidden Charges….EVER

We never use bait and switch techniques. We do an initial walk through of each job, estimate the work and put everything in writing before we get started so there are no surprises. 

Our Top of The Line Equipment and Cleaning solutions

Because of our strong guarantee, we need to have the best equipment available on the market to produce the most vacuum when cleaning air ducts to the best heat and vacuum to clean carpets. Our cleaning solutions are gentle, yet strong enough to yield the best cleaning results. And we are constantly updating/upgrading our equipment with each advancement in industry technology. 

Our Follow Up

We want each and every person to be a lifetime client, not a one-time customer. Every client, no matter how small the job, receives a thank you letter and is added to our mailing list to receive our monthly newsletter The Latest Dirt (we also choose a Client of the Month), reminder post cards for cleaning, special offers, etc.

Referral Reward Program

Advertising is expensive. We would rather pay our clients for their referrals than pay for advertising. For every referral you give us, you get a reward! Some clients refer so many people that they can get their entire home cleaned for free every year! It’s just our way of saying thank you for thinking of us and helping us grow our business.

What you get with Other Carpet Cleaners

There are hundreds of carpet cleaners in the Northern New Jersey area. Some good, some awful. Only a handful of cleaners make the investment to have their technicians certified, which means that they may not be trained according to today’s industry standards, which means that you may not be getting the best cleaning possible. In addition, your warranty may not be upheld if you use a company that isn’t IICRC-certified.

Many contractors are late and some don’t even show up at all. Few even both to tell you if they’re running late, let alone give you money off the bill.

No Pre Spray

Many companies do not pre-spray the carpet, which is essential in breaking up spots and dirt. They may not have all of the necessary spotters needed to remove a wide array of spots. As a result, many spots are left behind or are called “permanent” simply because they didn’t have the right products or training to remove them.

Customer Service

With many companies, you will not get a live person to take your call or answer any questions you may have. And often times, you will never get a return phone call.

Hidden Charges

Many companies use “bait and switch” tactics where they will offer you a low price and then add several other charges once they have done the work. Often times, the final price is 2-3 times what was originally quoted.

Outdated Equipment

Some companies use old, outdated equipment that doesn’t provide the best heat and vacuum capabilities available today. The result? You will not receive the best cleaning results that you would have received through newer, state-of-the-art cleaning equipment.

No Follow Up

 When was the last time you had a service contractor send you a thank you note for your business? With most contractors, you will never hear from them again after they complete work in your home. You feel like just another number, and not feel like the special client you deserve be.

No Reward Program

Most companies don’t thank their clients, let alone reward them for their referrals.

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