Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t I just rent one of those Rug Doctor things and do it myself?

Of course!  You’re probably the kind of person who can do anything once you put your mind to it.  But face it, there are times when tying your shoes requires too much effort.  Do you REALLY want to deal with dragging that heavy thing through every room in your house, risking damage to your carpet and furniture?  After you buy the shampoo and rent the machine it won’t save you that much money anyway.  Besides, our truck mounted systems are much more powerful, our cleaning agents are superior and our 240˚ soft-water rinse leaves absolutely no residue behind.  ALL THAT’S LEFT BEHIND is soft, fresh really clean carpet.

Dust mites, bacteria, germs, pollen in my carpet:  Where did they come from and why aren’t they paying rent?

It’s like this: Your carpet absorbs EVERYTHING, like dust, dead skin (ok, it’s gross but it IS YOUR skin), hair, and food crumbs, PLUS anything else that’s outside eventually makes its way inside into your carpet.  All of this stuff is like a party-mix in your carpet.  And guess who’s coming to the party?  Bacteria, mold, dust mites, etc.  As long as you’re providing the goodies, they’re going to stay and they aren’t exactly likeable guys.  These micro-organisms can aggravate allergies, and in some cases, even cause illness.  Simply walking across your carpet sends millions of them into the air for you to inhale.  The thought of that is not very appealing and certainly not very good for you.  As for collecting the rent…you can hire an attorney, but I doubt if it will help.

How do I know when my carpet needs cleaning?

If you can’t remember what color it used to be, it may be time.  ALL carpet manufacturers recommend cleaning your carpet every 6 to 12 months and they require you to clean it at least every 18 to 24 months.  If you have kids you may want to clean your carpet more often.  Although children are wondrous beings with a special gift of bringing joy into your life, they also bring with them something else – kid crud.  Crud that can damage the fibers and shorten the life of your carpet.  Believe us, it’s easier (and more socially acceptable) to get rid of the crud.

Just how long does it take for you to clean my carpet?

Typically a home can be cleaned in about an hour and a half to two and a half hours (depending on how much we will be cleaning).  That’s using our super powerful equipment cleaning each room, plus the time it takes to move furniture (should you need us to).  Plus, factor in the extra time it takes to work on stubborn spots.

Is there an ideal time of year to clean my carpet?

Yes!  Spring, summer, fall and winter.  Spring cleanings reduce the dust and pollen in your carpet.  This is a good thing, and if you have allergies this is a great thing.  Summer-time heat can bring with it unpleasant odors caused by bacteria thriving on humidity.  This will be eliminated by having your carpet professionally cleaned and disinfected.  Fall is back-to-school time (we know you live for that).  This makes for another perfect cleaning opportunity.  A clean house is your again…at least until 3 o’clock.  Come winter, you’re ‘held up’ inside for months, living with everything that gets tracked in on your carpet from soil-laden snow and salt.  If you clean it off your car regularly…your carpet would probably appreciate the same courtesy.

ALSO: Any holiday is a prime time for cleaning.  Chances are that you’ll probably have family over.  While listening to their opinions on your marital status, career and friends is very informative, at least they’ll have nice things to say about your fabulously clean carpet.

How long does it take for my carpeting to dry?

It depends on the carpet pile, the time of year, the level of humidity, and just how much soil is in your carpet – the more soiled it is the more water and cleaning solutions we’ll need to use.  Our equipment gets out about 98% of the water.

What will happen if I walk on the carpeting before it’s completely dry?

Your feet will get wet.  However, we’ll provide you with the most fashionable of accessories…designer plastic booties, just for that reason.

What about the problems left behind by our pets?

Just get rid of the dogs and cats and your problem will be solved.  Joking!  We have five pets of our own!  At Score Carpet Care, we know how to remove all kinds of pet stains and odors.  Sutbborn stains are usually not a problem, thanks to our 240˚ hot water and the premium cleaning agents that we use.

So why should I choose Score Carpet Care over other carpet cleaning companies?

Aside from the fact that we guarantee our work 100%…we’re skilled, certified technicians that have a great deal of experience.  So you know your home is in capable, experienced hands.  We’ll treat your possessions as if they were our own.  And our equipment is AWESOME – it’s up to 5 times more powerful than the common equipment of other cleaners.  So why call us?  Because, we’re just better (and cooler)!

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