Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tile & Grout Cleaning
Take My Grout Line Cleaning Challenge…

I’ll give you a Free Sample so you can prove it to yourself.

Schedule it with your carpet cleaning or schedule it when our schedules allow.

Call us now at 973-595-8006
*Only seven free demos per month and that’s it.

You no longer have to get on your knees with a tooth brush, or scrub with some kind of deck brush and fight with smelly chemicals that don’t work.

Why hurt your knees and dry out your skin fighting with harsh smelly chemicals when you can get sparkling clean tile and grout without the hassle?

Our system will blast old soil out of your grout line.  When you see the dirt disappear right before your eyes, you’ll be amazed!  You won’t have to wait either, with just the first few lines we clean you’ll see the difference.  That’s why we want you to see the results for yourself.  Act Now! 


Your Free Demo

Schedule any Carpet or Upholstery cleaning and you’ll instantly qualify for your free demo.  Or be one of the lucky 7 who called me before all the demo’s were grabbed up.  It’s that easy.  Just make sure you let us know “before” coming out so we can block out enough time to make it look like new again.  Now that you’re thinking of taking me up on my free demo, you should call now so you don’t miss out.  It’s on a first come first serve basis.

When you call please give us an approximate size (square feet) of the tile you’d like cleaned.  I’ve put a few samples of  before and after pictures to give you a good idea what you’re in for.  For free friendly advice or if you have any questions or concerns email us at [email protected] Or call now, 973-595-8006 and schedule your appointment.

Check out these videos of Score in action:

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